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EnQue Corporation - Putting Paradigms into practice on the Web
 paradigm - an outstandingly clear or typical example or archetype...Webster
EnQue provides web development and programming services with a fundamental premis being a clear definition and subsequent implementation of the customer paradigm.
Our programming services focus on software development for standalone applications and internet web sites. Stand-alone Windows applications are developed with C++, Visual C++, C#, and the dot NET platform.
Call us to discuss your application whether its a stand alone Windows application or one for the web.
Latest Updates:
  • US Postal Service facilities have been integrated into this web site. These include domestic and international rate requests, service standards, and tracking. See the eCommerce shipping page.
  • High performance web software is under development and demonstration on the EnQue remote server. This includes ISAPI Extension DLLs, ISAPI Filter DLLs, and corresponding communication java applets. Go to the remote servers page and look for the link to the EnQue Remote Server. (Status of 'connected' means its available)
  • The remote server connection is accomplished with our IP Address Monitor software which is available for a free 45 day trial period.
We have opened an imaging web site division. If you need imaging hardware please visit our ImagingHardware.com web site.
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